May 1, 2015

Flying To Australia In 3 1/2 Days :D

I am SO excited. I'm also SO scared. But I am really looking forward to visit Australia again. To see my close friends, explore the gardens, the CBD, walking the bridge again, running around on the beaches. Photographing all the places I love and miss. Only a few more days to go. I think I've learned a lot of coping skills, enough to get me through each day here, but this is a small town in a quiet area... I will be very tense, very nervous, especially on my own. I'm already worrying and ruminating and I'm trying to stop it as it happens. I try to change that into positives, I know once I'm there, when I'm not alone, I'll have a blast.
I'm nervous about the flights (even though I LOVE to fly), make sure everything works out, no issues. I will be very nervous at LAX, I have such a long layover before the Sydney flight. I'm bringing a book to read, my journal, my Ipod, my Ipad. I'll find ways to keep busy.
We are doing so much over the three weeks that I know I won't have a chance to get too anxious. I'll deal with it as it comes and goes. One of my caseworkers said to use my GoPro camera when I get really anxious, to show what makes me so anxious. I think it's a neat idea, so I'll try it out. I will journal and blog most days as well. I want to see how I handle all the people, etc.
I can't believe I get a change to go again. Talk about lucky. My friends bought me the tickets. Just incredible. :D
PS: I am really stoked to see that Qantas A380 :D