June 25, 2015

Getting Used To Being Back Home

It's been a bit of an adjustment. Going from millions of people and a faster pace and public transport... to the small country town I call home has been a little difficult. I felt like the trip went way too fast, as it always does. There were things I wanted to do that I didn't get too. My knee started giving me troubles around the time I wanted to go to the Bondi tower to drop off a few items for them. Plus part of me, was straight up a big social phobic chicken. I couldn't admit it at the time but now I can. Because of wonderful friends I have, they got the hats to the tower for me. Made for some funny photos too!
Nice to see Gridiron fans in Australia, even if some root for the Raiders...gak! At least Deano put on the Green Bay Packer hat! The pics really made my day!  I did have a wonderful taking photos along all the beaches, seeing all the sights and sounds, the waves crashing, people exercising, seagulls calling and the salty wind in my hair. I loved it.
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I also had fun seeing everything from Paddy's Markets to riding the ferries, to seeing The Rocks, Sydney Harbour Bridge, the CBD and even climbing the top of the Sydney Tower. Went to Maddam Tussauds and had a blast there a well.
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I struggled a LOT with my social anxiety and paranoia so I didn't do much by myself, I felt better with friends with me. I'm thankful they understand that. Really happy my mood stayed stable the whole trip, that was my biggest worry. Sometims you just never know when the Bipolar high (which I was totally on while there...) will switch to depression. But it worked out well. Only hid out in their house a couple days ;)
I'd like to think in a few years I could go back for a week and a half or so. We'll see. Never know what the future holds.

June 7, 2015

Back From Australia

I've been home about a week but because I've been sick I haven't blogged yet. It was just my luck to catch someone else's cold on both my long haul flights...
I had a really good time, saw a lot of great things and just had a lot of fun with my friends. I'm happy with how I dealt with my anxiety, most of the time I was able to handle it decent. My agoraphobia wasn't too bad and my mood was fairly steady as well. I remembered my coping skills and things I learned in DBT. It's weird being back in a small town after being around SO many people with everything moving so fast. I'll write more about it in a few days. For now I leave you with a two photos...
DSCF7697 DSCF8577