September 27, 2015

That Moon!

I took 18 photos of the moon tonight and made a collage with them. It didn't turn out too badly. :D
It was beautiful to watch!

September 25, 2015

Slow Day

DSCF1236 DSCF1186 DSCF1177 DSCF1158
Sitting here having my coffee and basking in the sun lamp light lol. I love my sun lamp, seems to help some on dreary days. Will be great this winter. Having a slow day, doing some housework, watching Skins (UK) on Netflix and relaxing. At least I don't feel so bored today.
I also have to sort through photos from a few days ago. Our local fire dept. asked if I would photograph again for them. They do a 'water wars' competition with other local departments. Always fun to watch and photograph. I always overshoot, so I need to go through them. I want to take a disk of photos to them by Monday.
Had a good time video chatting with a good friend of mine last night. We had a lot of good laughs over goofy stuff. I love that :D

September 24, 2015


I hate being bored. Time stretches out longer and longer and my mind races. It is one of the downfalls to being on disability. You have to find plenty to occupy the time.I’d rather be working, doing something with my life, so I loathe not having anything to keep me and my mind busy.
I do have things I could do, reading, journaling, housework, go for a walk, photography, watch Netflix, play Sims, etc. Nothing seems to be enough today. I really want to just sleep but I know that’s not the answer either. I’ve been stuck inside a few days which also doesn’t help. I go through phases where I’m inside for weeks, lonely, bored yet I can’t get myself outside.

September 13, 2015

Over The Funk

Whenever my mood goes down and I go through a funk, I tend not to do things... like write or post. I have started using my sun lamp and it seems to be helping. It seems a little early to go through my fall depression but the light is starting to change. It's like my body notices before my I realize it.
Not a lot going on. I did get a new camera. I just love it. Love love love it. It's a Fuji X series DSLR. It's mirrorless, which is something new for me. Not only is the quality better than my last one but it looks retro. At passing glance it looks like an old 35mm camera. I've been using it quite a bit but am really waiting for fall colors, I'll be shooting all the time.
My exercise has been going well now that I feel better. I have worked out every day now for the last couple weeks and am very happy with it. I put on a little weight in Australia and once I came back so it's nice to see that I'm losing it again. Along with that I've gone back to eating Paleo. I love eating this way, I feel more energized. I think all the crappy carbs weigh me down, I tend to crave them when I get depressed. I'm challenging myself to eat Paleo for thirty days. I'm not great with motivation so it helps me to make it like a dare... So a week in :D
The meds are still doing okay which is great. It's nice to be on the same meds a while and NOT feel like a guinea pig!
A few pics from lately:
54654 54232 54226 54102
I turned a friend of mine onto Netflix yesterday... Oh man it was SO funny! Once she started seeing all the movies and shows she got more and more excited and I was like, I've created a monster!! :D
PS: Football is back! Glad the Pack won their first game!!