October 20, 2015

Just A Bit Of A Drink...

Today has been pretty good. I took my sleep med late last night so this morning I turned off the alarm when it went off... Ended up sleeping until almost 10am. Oooops!
I packed up a bit more stuff next door. My neighbor had to go to jail so I'm packing everything up. Her brother comes this weekend to get what he can. My goal is to have it all packed up. She was thinking she'd only get a couple of her belongings.... If it was me I'd be upset to lose my possessions so I feel for her. Never been in jail or prison but it sounds scary! I don't mind the work involved, I'm just happy she will have everything.
Having a bit of a drink this arvo while I pack her stuff and do cleaning at my place. About to crank some tunes while I wash up some dishes, etc.
I got one of those wifi extenders, because I couldn't get my wifi good enough in the livingroom (modem is in the bedroom). I didn't need a fancy one, just one that extended it a bit further. I love it. Now I can watch videos while on the elliptical. I get so bored on it that I need something to distract me.
Anyway, things are good today. No bad feelings or anything. I even did a walk outside. Days like this are rare! Hope everyone is well.