August 2, 2016

August Is Here Already

Can you believe it is August already?? How is this year going by so fast?? Today was voting day for us, a lot of local positions to vote on. Everything from senate to county sheriff. Was interesting. Thankfully I looked everything up or I wouldn't have had any idea. It was weird though, you had to pick your party. I thought it would all be on one ballot but it wasn't. I accidentally laughed (ssssh lol) when I saw the senate choices. There is a guy who is calling himself Chief Wana Dubie that actually made it on the ballot. The guy is very pro Bernie and at this point he'd probably do a better job than our state senators are doing........ Oi.......

Also heard a snarky comment one whispered to another... hoping that the machine would shred all the Democrat ballots. *rolls eyes* I love living in Republiville... *screams* :P

Right now my shower is being replaced. Yay! It looks like it will look pretty cool too. There were some issues with the plumbing and they had to cut into the wall to move things over a bit, but now that is sorted and the shower is going up :D Waiting until tomorrow afternoon to use it, I want to make sure the caulking stuff is all dry.

Poor Bronte kitty has been hiding under the bed for about five hours now :( As soon as the guy is gone, she'll come out. I hope she doesn't have to potty!! I bet she makes a beeline for the cat box when she comes out.

So Rio is only three days away :D  Can't waaaaaaaaaaaaaaait. The girls compete in qualifying on August 7th. Need to look up the time on it. I might actually get to watch it live too. Soooooooooooo excited!


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