August 1, 2016

Borderline Shite....

I'm listening to this btw... it's from the soundtrack to the tv show Rescue Me from Denis Leary... Love it!:
Which brings me to this:
Anyways this was the song I'm listening to now:
Good song from Stereophonics...

It made me cranky today.
Also I think hormones are in the mix.
But I just wanted to be left alone.
I had a neighbor that bugged me a lot today.
Not her fault, she's in a bind but still...
She'd stay for six hours if I didn't say anything.
And I'm just in the mood to be alone.
So it was irritating.
She kept talking
For hours...
And playing loud and obnoxious stuff
When I just wanted to chill
With my music and Sims...

Borderline is funny that way
Just get mad for no reason
At least I control it better
So it's mostly in my head

I want to be a helpful neighbor
But need time alone too..

Anyhow another Michael song is on...
One that is SO true......... but not many listened to
So here it is......
Hear those words!!!!!!!!!!

Filmed this in Brazil too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just saying....
Love, to all <3 p="">-M

1 comment:

Asia said...

That song is life! Even Michael haters love that song.

To be honest... I'm not sure I should write this, because hell, I'd hate myself if I upset you even further, but... to be honest it might not have been your illness playing up. I mean... who bugs their neighbours for 6 hours? even when you're bestest friends, I mean... I don't know, but if you need someone to talk to because you're going through something, fine, you go, they make you a cup of coffee/tea, you drink it and talk for an hour... okay, fine, it's serious stuff, you talk for two hours and have some of their cookies, then you thank them for being there for you, apologize for burdening them with your crap, you thank them again, hug them, and then you FUCK OFF home to deal with your shit! I just... I'm sorry, but I would have been annoyed too in your place. Even harder for you because of your mental illness, of course, but even without it that shit is inconsiderate at best.

I just hope you don't feel bad about it, because dude, 6 hours???! I wouldn't bug my SISTER for 6 hours, and we've had some fucking deepest existential crisis talks ever. So... yeah. just my two cents. you're the most awesome neighbour for putting up with this, I don't think I could.