August 16, 2016

Downloading Like Mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Downloading ALL the gymnastics footage from the Oly's that I can. I love those who record it and share it. Really huge gymn fans will watch all the footage, all 120 gymnasts qualifying etc., because we love gymnastics THAT much. It's pretty much our superbowl.

I made the commitment to watch all the archived streams on NBC before they take them down. I'm hoping they will stay up a couple weeks but in 2012 it was like two weeks. I'm starting with Qualifications (120 gymnasts x 4 routines), then moving on to Team Final, AA etc. They have feeds for every single apparatus in every single competition. For a big gymn fan it's like we were just given the whole candy store!!!

I'm going to enjoy bingeing on gymnastics...the footage is incredible!

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