August 2, 2016

Rewatching Worlds 2015

In an effort to have all the names of gymnasts down and ideas of what their routines are like, I am rewatching World Championships from 2015. While drinking.... (yeah I was supposed to have a completely dry August but dude, the maintenance guy was here doing my new shower for almost SEVEN fucking hours...UGH. Don't know who had more anxiety, me or Bronte kitty!)

Since this is drunk Misty posting, it may turn out entertaining lol... (ready for some gymn gossip................ ahem...)

First off, I must rant about Catalina being selected as the one gymnast to represent Romania.  What in the FUCK. Larissa Iordache has been working hard, fighting, scrapping, doing it all, for the whole quad. And she isn't the person to go to Rio. WTF! Oh look Catalina came back after like three years and boom! she is the Olympian. Was she even at the test event where Romania tried to qualify? Has she done anything except Euros? It should be Larissa and I'm beyond gutted for her. She held up the team the entire quad and for nothing. I feel for her SO much <3 p="">

Second thing is....I'm bummed Komova won't be at the Olympics. I love her style. I also love Mustafina's style. A lot of US gym fans don't like her but I think she is fantastic. Shes moody, elegant, strong and shows great routines when she's on. I look forward to seeing her routines :D  I hope Ksenia is there too! I love her! Such a veteran!! I need to check out who made the Russian team. Then I'll have more opinion. Until then, there's this:
One of my favorites, Musty on bars :D  :

And then there's Simone... just doing here thing...
This girl has THREE back to back World Championships AA gold medals... Unprecedented in gymnastics history. Do I think the 'world championship curse' will affect her? Nope. I think she'll be just fine. I have total confidence in her. Because she has the confidence in herself <3 nbsp="" p="">And she's so cool with the other top gymnasts from other countries and I just love that. Her and Aly are both that way :D
(larissa Iordache (ROM) and Simone Biles (USA) hugging at the end of the AA competition at WC 2015 <3 p="">
Vault... I love...I absolutely LOVE the North Korean woman, Hong Un Jong. I don't care where she's from, she's a FANTASTIC vaulter. I hear she has been prepping not just an Amanar but a TRIPLE Yurchenko. A triple!!!!!!! Finding the video evidence now:
If that vid is real, you know what? GOOD FOR HER!! What an amazing vault!! Kick ass woman, kick ass! Woooo! :o Still shocked to see it. I counted three revolutions, just fucking amazing!! Only woman I've seen footage of doing it. I hope she can pull it off at the Olympics, because it DESERVES to be rewarded!!!

I love gymnastics.....

And Miss Hernandez! OMG! I LOVE YOU!! Your floor is so passionate, feminine, sassy and just awesome! Keep dancin girl, keep dancin :D
I'm sure there will be more to come, just give me an hour lol

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Asia said...

It's possible that it's just me, but maybe not... but I always get like, a mini heart attack when they get into the corner and keep on dancing without looking at their feet and OH GIRL, SHIT, YOU'RE SO CLOSE, TOO CLOSE, WATCH ITTTTT, GET AWAY FROM THAT CORNER, DON'T DO THIS TO ME, MUST YOU DO ALL THESE PIROUETTES RIGHT IN THE FUCKING CORNER??? I forget they have done it literally 14 million times and are so steady on their feet, I just know *I* would lose my balance and probably even fall off entirely and I just get so scared for them. I have no control over my body, lol I miss doorways and bump my arms and shit :D