August 1, 2016

Took A Few Pics

Of healthy stuff at the store :D

I've been on a sugar free diet for two weeks now. Went from 131 to 126.8 pounds in two weeks. Also......... I went through sugar withdrawal, that I think is almost over now, thankfully. It's a bitch! Feeling really good without the sugar now. Going to work hard to keep it up :D

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Asia said...

MY FAVOURITE POST!! I love looking at your American shop shelves and planning what I will try when I get there! (only thing that scares me a little is the fact that the shelf prices are not final, they add, like, a tax at the cash register? is this true? because my math sucks and I'd suck at keeping to my budget. not that it would stop me shopping.) (another thing that scares me is that there are waaaaay too many things I want to try, I'd have to move there for 5 years to be able to try everything. I do like my food and eat a lot, but not THAT much!)

I've been cutting out sugar too, can't say I'm completely sugar free yet because I do have Red Bull probably 3, 4 times a week? (and I hate the sugarless variety) but other than that, no sugar for me (for health reasons mainly, just don't want to end up diabetic in my old age and you reap what you sow, and I have family history and I have a child so time to take care of myself, blah blah blah, shut up Joanna, you're sooo boriiiing!) and I couldn't believe it, but I've lost 3 kg since the start of August WITHOUT EVEN DOING ANYTHING! and it takes a lot of watching what I eat plus daily exercise for me to lose weight, so this is nothing short of amazing. I hope I can beat my Red Bull addiction and go sugar free, but with Ivy and all those early mornings and... sometimes I just can't do it without one :D it's probably what's keeping the withdrawal symptoms at bay too because I can't say I felt much, other than of course feeling like chocolate, but I have a watermelon or grapes instead and it seems to work. for now at least. we'll see.

good on you, it's not an easy thing to do, but I do believe you'll be healthier and feel better for it. I hope I will too, once I give it up completely.