November 28, 2016


Bit of cooking going on today :D

I have a really spicy turkey and veggie chili cooking in the slow cooker right now, yummmmm.....

I'm also chopping up chunks of the squash and pumpkins I found, dipping them in olive oil and baking them until tender. Double yum!

After tomorrow (when my friends and I do our official Turkey Day), I'm strictly back on Paleo again. My damned weight has gone up a bit (135) and I'm going to stop it in it's tracks.

It's my own fault, I got really lazy this last month and stopped working out and eating healthy small meals. It amazes me how quickly I can gain weight, but I tend to drop it off just as quick so. Shouldn't take more than a month or two to be back where I was.

Goals!! ;)


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