November 23, 2016

Quick Trip Up North

It’s always hard to fly with Social Anxiety Disorder, GAD and repetitive OCD thoughts but I always manage to pull it off.

Granted it takes me like a week of hiding indoors for me to wind by down after, but it’s worth it. I went up to Wisconsin to visit my family. I hadn’t been up there in three years so it was nice to see everyone again.

I enjoy seeing my family but I also love flying. I’m scared of so many things yet flying is awesome. I love airliners and all the little things that go with flying, from going through security, walking onto the aircraft and picking a seat, take off, the views from the sky, coming in to land where you start to see the cars and houses, to the landing and baggage retrieval. For some reason I just love it. I’m a little bit of an airplane junkie.

This time I flew on a 777 that was only put into service a few months before my flight. It was all still so new and shiny on the inside. The tips of the wings were a bit different so I want to look up why (need to try and remember that…) and it looked almost artistic. I had great flights. I flew out on Halloween so the staff were dressed up. I wore a spider headband, earrings, necklace, etc and they gave me extra snacks :D

My brother gets married next year (yay!) so I will get to fly again in May. I’m already looking forward to the flights :D

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