July 23, 2016

Great Day Today :D

Pretty happy with how my diet/exercise is going. I let myself get to 137 before telling myself it has to stop. I was eating junk, having some sodas, eating treats, etc. So I decided, to change it up a tiny bit this time. I'm still Paleo but I did a LOT of reading and video watching about Keto. In the end I decided to give it a try. I only had to modify a little bit from Paleo anyhow. They are mostly similar, just a few differences.

Everything I watched, from doctors and nurses to regular people, said that after a few days your body goes into ketosis. Basically by excluding all sugars it puts your body in a state where it uses up the fat stores for energy. It's a big change from junky eating. I've actually had some withdrawal symptoms from the sugar, which is normal. People on the diet call it the "keto flu" and it lasts a week or two, so I'm just rolling with it.

In around a week and a half I've dropped to 131 where I am right now. I won't measure until next weekend but I suspect there will be a difference. I had to throw a belt on with my shorts today :D

The exercise is going well too. I do twenty on the elliptical or a thirty minute walk every day. I want the cardio because it helps burn off that pudge. I also want to get much stronger. Ever since I stopped working out consistently I've felt pretty weak and tired. Since I've started back up I seem to have a lot of energy, which is great. One day I do all weights, the next calisthenics. It's working well!

A friend of mine uses one of those stretch bands to do her exercises. After seeing what you can all do with it, I want one. Especially to help me gain the strength to do pull ups again. Must find one at Wallyworld!

July 22, 2016

A Short Story...

It took me a while to find this but I found it!! I wrote this in '09. I need to write more of this kind of stuff:

The Dandelion Seed

He can feel the warmth against his shell. The newfound sun of a new day, warming and heating him. His brothers and sisters are all around him waiting...as he is waiting.
This is a very exciting day, for this is the day he gets to leave home. After all the comfort and reassurance of being here, it is finally time for his ultimate purpose. To fly away and make a new family for himself.
It is breezy today, he can feel it tug at him. Part of him wants to let go, and see the world... but the other part of him, wants to hold on tight. To stay, where it is safe and predictable.
The sun gets higher and higher in the sky and he knows the time is almost here. He enjoys every second now, knowing soon things will change. Forever.
A light little tug here... another flutter there....
Suddenly, there is a commotion. On instinct he clutches tighter and looks around to see what is happening. He looks just in time to see one of his brothers breaking free and lifting into the air like a light feather. Wow! he thinks. Soon it will be me!
He tries to imagine what he will see. Will he fly low and land close to his family? Will he fly high and reach the sky? See places he's never seen before, colors he never knew existed?
The unknown, so uncertain yet so exciting.... what will the future bring to him? Will he land in a nice patch of soft grass, maybe even with some of his siblings, and they can all take root and grow, and watch one another grow... Or will he soar high to the clouds, and go far, and land in an amazing new place....to be strong and grow alone, until his family starts to grow?
But just now, there is a noise....
And more commotion.
He feels a breeze, he closes his eyes and gets ready to fly....
But wait...
It's a different kind of breeze, more of a pulling....and there is a louder noise now...the others are starting to panic.....
He looks left and right and one by one...then in bunches...his brothers and sisters are quickly and harshly pulled away and then he cannot hold on anymore...the noise is louder now still....
He is ripped off the stalk and into the lawnmower, ground up with the rest of them and spit out onto the lawn...never to start another fricken weed on our goddamned lawn!

July 19, 2016

Beach Bathroom

Still adding more stuff to my little bathroom. It is a beach theme, I even have Bondi on the door in foam blue letters lol.

I acquired this neat hanging thing with shells dangling off it, so that is the newest thing I put in there. I have pictures, sandals, a fishing pole, little surf boards, two colored lei's, Corona bottles, sand, a stingray, a loo sign, sea shells, blue and beige towels (I want to replace them with beach towels though!), etc. I have a couple of sprays in beach scents, so I put them in a Corona six pack holder...It's slowly coming together.

Hard to get a pic in there, it's quite small, but here's one side of it...


I love food...

Just had to say that...
I looooove food. Love it.

It wasn't paleo but I made a nice brekky sandwich earlier today. It was SO. Fucking. Good.

Kinda did it Aussie style. I used sourdough bread and toasted it, buttered it and put a thin layer of Vegemite on it. Then I cooked two eggs over easy. I put the eggs in there as well as some left over spaghetti I had in the fridge.

Holy crap, it was amazing!!


Dad's Surgery

My Dad had his surgery earlier today. I was nervous while he was having it but thankfully it all went well. My Dad has never had surgery before and he was nervous as well. He has Diverticulitis and had to have some of his intestines removed. Once he's all healed up he won't have the pain he's been having. It made him really sick in May and he ended up with infection in his intestines that spread to his bloodstream. I'm glad he had it taken care of. It's been bothering him a long time.

My step mom has been great about texting updates. She said she was a little nervous because it took longer than expected but everything went good. He's in a room now, post recovery and they gave him much needed pain meds. Hope he heals quickly.


The Usual...

It's hoooooooooooooooooooooooot! I'm so staying inside as much as I can this week. I don't have the best heat tolerance without meds, with them, it's about 0. With heat index values over 100 until Saturday, it's going to be an icky hot humid week. Yuck. Is it fall yet?? Damn.

I will be doing a lot of stuff in the apartment this week. I'm currently working on my journal/scrapbook from my Australia trip last year. I kept putting it off and forgetting. At least I had all the stuff together so it's actually going pretty quickly.

I have a few movies to watch that I rented, including Interstellar and Gravity (was in a space kind of mood...) and one book to start reading. That will keep me busy some.

I put three photos into the county fair contest this year. Got blue ribbons on all three :D
(top left and center are two of mine)
I went out and bought around 14 8x10 photo frames so I can start properly putting my stuff up. Will be awesome!

I took other random shots of the fair, as I could, my social anxiety was not wanting to play nice at ALL. I saw all the art stuff and the blankets/quilts. The quilts were awesome. So was all the photography. They even had ladies who were teaching how to quilt.

Took some photos of the rides and different things too. I did this before the fair opened for the day, otherwise way too many people!
The business next door to my building agreed to host some of my photography (yay) so with the amazing organizing of a friend of mine, we got that all set up. Pretty cool to see my pics in the windows! :D
I will also be working on my Sims worlds. I have a couple of them, where I've made characters of all my friends and pick out homes/apartments for them and decorate them. It's like my relaxing version of Solitaire only it's with Sims. Right now I'm working on my apartment. Everyone gets a high rise apartment in this world.
As I sit here, sipping a vodka & cranberry juice (yummers...) and blogging, Bronte is super relaxed and napping. She is so cute when she's sleeping <3 p="">

July 10, 2016

The Olympic Team

The 2016 US Gymnastics Team going to Rio.... Laurie Hernandez, Aly Raisman, Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas and Madison Kocian. Really really good team! All four events are covered well for team finals and all but Hernandez have Worlds experience. It always seems there is one first year Senior on the Olympic Team and Hernandez fit that bill well this year. She kicked major ASS at trials tonight!

Cannot wait for the Olympics to start in Rio De Janeiro. It's going to be some great competing :D

Four out of my six picks are on the team, the other two are alternates, so not bad at all really. :D


Watching Trials Day 2

So far so good! Everyone is doing really well. Hope thy keep it up! Three rotations to go.

I see you...


More stuff...

I've been on a cleaning kick for a while now. Just playing music (usually Elton or alternative) and cleaning, rearranging, organizing, downsizing a bit and polishing the wood. The place looks pretty good.

My agoraphobia has been pretty bad so I'm mostly in the house. I'm handling it pretty well though. Keeping busy. Writing and drawing...reading books again...organizing my 60k photos on my computer....arg... So it's not that bad. But yeah, I really loathe leaving the building.

Had a quick trip to ER this morning. The short story is that I didn't realize I was out of refills on one of my meds that happens to be very habit forming when you are on it a long time and at a higher dose. I thought there was still a refill, so I waiting until the day I ran out, thinking how they fill that one fast and deliver it...no big deal.  Well. First there was no refills. The pharmacy sent a med request to my Dr. office. This was Friday. They didn't get to it apparently so it couldn't be filled. I thought I would be alright until Monday when they were open and got to it. Nope! By five am this morning I was puking and shaking and holy wow the NAUSEA was so bad, just waves and waves of it. Since it's a Sunday, my only option in a forty mile radius was to go to the ER and see if the Dr. could write a short script for a couple days worth. It ended up being no big deal. The doc said it happens, don't worry about it and said yeah, can't just stop that med. You should have seen my pulse and bp on the monitor. Way above my normal. So just like that, I got a script. Took less than twenty minutes, which has to be some kind of record for an ER lol.

It's now six pm and the nausea has backed off finally after getting two doses in me (i take it 3x a day) and the third in another hour or so. So it's all good. That shit is going to be nasty down the road, if and when I decide to go off it. Yikes! Lesson learned. Always make sure you have a refill left!

July 8, 2016


About 15 mins before the us gymnastics olympic trials started, I decided I wanted a drink. I get like this every four years, I want our girls to do good and have the best team possible. After watching them develope the last couple of years you get kind of attached, just like footy fans during football season. Girls have our sports too and we can be loud! lol! Just all yelling like.... "come ooooooooooooooon!" "you got iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!" And the all famous... "stick iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!" at the end... Yes we can cheer and yell too :D

I walked as fast as I could down to the gas station. Grabbed a canned drink, came up to the counter and boom. A friend of my besty in town and I's came in and took over lol. He bought some beer and also bought my drinks! How lucky is that shit?? I have a tight budget to I was very excited! Sure doesn't happen often at all.  As a sports fan, I felt this as a good omen for the fantasy team I've picked for gymnastics in the Olympics. Because that's what sports fans do :p


Post Day 1 Trials...

Right off the bat I want to say that I've drank quite a bit and breathed in a bit of another plant... but I'm still rocking from the first day of trials and I want to ramble a bit. Don't care if there are spelling/grammatical errors, I'm just lucky to be ending sentences with a .

I tend to forget the emotional significance for the gymnasts, until I'm watching Trials. Then I realize how all those 30/40 hr. training weeks plus school and competition for years takes it's toll. Most of the women did well tonight. But a few key performances spelled trouble. I didn't get to see Gabby on beam because the stream I was watching cut out, but I got the gist of it. Gabby fell on beam, maybe on the turn? Shit. All I can say in reaction is... shit! She's seemed uneasy anyhow but that doesn't help her. I'm sure Martha had the frown of all frowns on... And Locklear fell off beam :( She's one on my fantasty team too and I felt so bad for her. She's literally up against Kocean for a spot on the team. Fuck! The heartbreak moments sucks ass. 

Many did well though! Lots of great floor routines and bars was good mostly too. I like that Skinner was reserved on vault and only did a double instead of a 2 1/2, I liked that at least one other watered down a beam dismount. I feel, better to reserve a bit than go all out and not peak at the Olympics. Timing is everything and if you reserve now, you can give more later.

Cannot wait for night two on Sunday. Pretty sure my neighbors heard me tonight lol. Was watching a stream since I can't afford cable. Which is a real drag... anyhow... I was able to watch most of it.


Nice Day Today

Simple day today, but nice. I went for a walk with one of my neighbors. I really wanted to print out a few pics for the photo contest the fair has every year. Walmart tends to do much better prints here than Walgreens (sometimes I get stripes through my shots). Even thought it's over a mile away, I wanted to walk it. It wasn't too hot yet, though it was by the time we got there.

We stopped off a couple places on the way, so we were able to cool off a bit here and there. I saw some cheap art supply stuff and photo frames at one store that I want to get soon. So it was good to get an idea of what there was. My neighbor had to get something anyways, so we got everything we needed done. Then we took a cab back. We know the guy, so it was fun to catch up with him on the way home, in a nice cool van.

Sitting here now doing some journaling and crafty stuff in it, while watching Orange Is The New Black season four with another neighbor. I've seen it already but she didn't have a way to watch, so I've been letting her watch two episodes a day to catch up.

Later I'll be all excited because day one of Trials for Gymnastics is tonight. Hope everyone does really good! By Sunday night they will have the team announced :D Will be fun to watch! I hope they put together a good team.


Three of my shots for the fair coming up in a week. I'm not a fan of the fair, it's half a block from my place and there are way too many people. But, I do enjoy submitting a few pics for the photography contest.

July 7, 2016

What Storm?

I didn't sleep all night last night, but I managed a few hours. I think it is just adjusting to the new med and dose change. From 2am to around 5:30am I slept great, then was up again. I slept so good, I didn't wake up when a strong thunderstorm with a bit of wind came through. It was all people were talking about today and damnit I slept through it lol...

Here's an article from the Kansas City Star about it. http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article88141312.html

The hospital was still on generators this morning and the lines were down across the street from it. Some sheds from one store went sailing into Walmart's parking lot and shattered everywhere, blocking the entryway to the store. Lots of branches down. 

I had no problem with power or internet this morning. I didn't even know it had stormed until later in the morning. Kinda bummed I missed it!

When the beans get too soft...

...make burritos instead! :D

I was trying to make soup. With white northern beans, ground beef, some veggies, garlic, onion, spices, etc. The beans got too soft though and I was like, what am I going to do with a ton of mashed beans...

So I splurged and bought corn tortillas, salsa and hot sauce. I mean the veggies and meat are already with the beans. So it's burritos for a while. Yum!


Busy Bronte

Never a dull moment around here ;) *thick sarcasm*