August 24, 2016

So I Snuck Just a TAD or More...

I have to say this is better than writing by hand...

My neighbor, the annoying one that barely knocks then lets herself in, whether I know she's there or not !!  Her birthday is August 24th... I had no idea. Either did Pat! So we are scrambling. I bet she doesn't think much of it but .... DAMN we are gonna make her day great!!

I just cant let anyone go through their birthday without having fun. You know? It's a once in a year thing. Fuck it, if you have friends,  celebrate it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Rissa...

<3 p="">-Misty

Fucking Drivers...

Okay not all drivers but still!

Not long ago, I was walking. I was walking along Main St. here in town and I was starting to cross 5th street. I looked all four ways because I know better. Then I started to cross. About half way across, a car turned from Main St. onto 5th...never even saw me. Missed me by less than five inches. It really freaked me out at the time. I flipped the person off and was yelling, but I don't think they ever noticed I was there. what it's like to be a pedestrian who doesn't drive and walks almost everywhere. You have to have your eyes going 360 at every intersection, but even then it's not always enough.

I got a bit emotional watching a medical show from Britian. Normally I love medical and trauma shows, no problem. But there was an episode with a 12 year old who did the same thing I did....except he was 3/4 of the way across when the van turned...hit him straight on. Ugh. Poor kid was so short his head smashed into the hood of the van. *shudders*  I kept thinking about my recent incident and it made me really sympathetic and then seeing this 12 year old sobbing...just pulled at my heart.

I know most drivers look before they turn...but some are in such a rush and they just go, don't look until after they've turned. Really not good. There are always people walking and always crossing roads, we can only see so much at a time. We can look...but in that .8th/second is all it takes for someone to turn without looking. You just can't prepare for that.  Glad to see the kid was mostly okay at the end, but he had some permanent issues. Sucks :(  Makes me even more aware than I already am and probably more paranoid as well! I have Medicare but I don't want to use it.... Oi!! Even smaller communities they seem to drive and turn too fast!


August 16, 2016

Downloading Like Mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Downloading ALL the gymnastics footage from the Oly's that I can. I love those who record it and share it. Really huge gymn fans will watch all the footage, all 120 gymnasts qualifying etc., because we love gymnastics THAT much. It's pretty much our superbowl.

I made the commitment to watch all the archived streams on NBC before they take them down. I'm hoping they will stay up a couple weeks but in 2012 it was like two weeks. I'm starting with Qualifications (120 gymnasts x 4 routines), then moving on to Team Final, AA etc. They have feeds for every single apparatus in every single competition. For a big gymn fan it's like we were just given the whole candy store!!!

I'm going to enjoy bingeing on gymnastics...the footage is incredible!

August 13, 2016

Catching Up...

Few things to catch up on!

I've been in a bit of a non writing mood, so now I get to do a catch up post...

First, anyone reading this, I hope you are doing well.

Using that Ancestry website, I was able to track my family (with a lot of work) back to the 1500's in Yorkshire, England. How cool is that? The Lawson family name goes a long, long ways... neat stuff!

The Olympics...

The USA gymn girls have done great!!!!!!!!!!!!! We qualified EIGHT POINTS ahead of the next opponent. That is insanity. Usually it's within a point or two.  Then... we won the Team Final TEN POINTS ahead of Russia and China. How crazy. It's too the point that even though I love we are so far ahead on skills to win, that the second through fifth places battle is more exciting to watch than first and second placings. At times I wish it was like the old days in the 80's and 90's when we didn't always win. Was much more thrilling when we did...yet somehow it's still so sweet...

The All Around competition (go on all four events, the tally of all four is what counts: vault, bars, beam, floor) was kind of the same way. You knew who'd be in first and second. Granted, they still had to go out there, and they still had to perform to expectations, but I wish the scores were tighter to make it a real race like it used to be. Regardless, Simone being three time world champ, it was nice to see her win; and Aly, after the tie breaker in London and her missing out on All Around bronze, I was thrilled to see her not just get a bronze but a silver medal! She made that goal in 2013 and by God she fucking did it, didn't she! No wonder why she was in tears, she busted ass for four more years, just to medal in the Olympic All Around. Good for her! <3 p="">
I've been seeing a lot of crap news stories, based on things like assumptions, personal interpretations and just, oh it looks like....  what a bunch of unequivocal BS...
Gabby has been just fine and done her own thing, leave her and the girls alone, hell they are barely adults! They are there for sport, not all the ridiculous side show crap... I wish all those 'armchair judges' and shit would just TRY to do ONE day of their training. I trained up to level NINE and let me tell you............ it's fucking harder than training for NFL football players. People have no idea. I burnt out on it, it's just THAT fucking hard....

I felt like a cooking day today.......... so I cooked today!  I received six summer squash from different people I know, so I decided to make a soup. First I put the squash (in two seperate times) in the oven to bake with just a bit of olive oil and seasoning for forty minutes on 375F. Then I baked an onion dipped in olive oil and a full thing of garlic as well. It all came out gorgous. I then stripped all the squash off and put it in a blender with the baked garlic. That was the soup base. I then added things like onion, fresh spinach, and other veggies to the mix. I then heated it all on simmer for two to three hours. Turned out AMAZING.
Then... I felt like a Chili. It's been a while since I made one. I had a pound of minced turkey of all things........... and thought............ yum lol. So I used the turkey, a bunch of fresh garden tomatoes and onions, some black beans, hot sauce, fresh garden jalopenos, dried whole chile, etc... and made what I call my Four Alarm Chili. Haven't made one since 2009. The fucker is good but HOT. Just eating it you'll lose two pounds lol. I love it :D
Let it simmer in the crock pot for FOUR hours......... yummy....
Now I'm off to have a bit of wine and bag up all the soups into individual meals. I have enough cooked and packaged (including stuff I made a few days ago) to survive an entire month without cooking :D
Yay for meal prep!

August 5, 2016

Spending yet another night with a bit of wine...

So yeah, I've had a bit of wine lately. I do recognize this. Not sure why it is though. So enjoying the fun it entails...

I got to watch the Olympic podium training today via nbc's great coverage. The girls look very strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 2, 2016

Rewatching Worlds 2015

In an effort to have all the names of gymnasts down and ideas of what their routines are like, I am rewatching World Championships from 2015. While drinking.... (yeah I was supposed to have a completely dry August but dude, the maintenance guy was here doing my new shower for almost SEVEN fucking hours...UGH. Don't know who had more anxiety, me or Bronte kitty!)

Since this is drunk Misty posting, it may turn out entertaining lol... (ready for some gymn gossip................ ahem...)

First off, I must rant about Catalina being selected as the one gymnast to represent Romania.  What in the FUCK. Larissa Iordache has been working hard, fighting, scrapping, doing it all, for the whole quad. And she isn't the person to go to Rio. WTF! Oh look Catalina came back after like three years and boom! she is the Olympian. Was she even at the test event where Romania tried to qualify? Has she done anything except Euros? It should be Larissa and I'm beyond gutted for her. She held up the team the entire quad and for nothing. I feel for her SO much <3 p="">

Second thing is....I'm bummed Komova won't be at the Olympics. I love her style. I also love Mustafina's style. A lot of US gym fans don't like her but I think she is fantastic. Shes moody, elegant, strong and shows great routines when she's on. I look forward to seeing her routines :D  I hope Ksenia is there too! I love her! Such a veteran!! I need to check out who made the Russian team. Then I'll have more opinion. Until then, there's this:
One of my favorites, Musty on bars :D  :

And then there's Simone... just doing here thing...
This girl has THREE back to back World Championships AA gold medals... Unprecedented in gymnastics history. Do I think the 'world championship curse' will affect her? Nope. I think she'll be just fine. I have total confidence in her. Because she has the confidence in herself <3 nbsp="" p="">And she's so cool with the other top gymnasts from other countries and I just love that. Her and Aly are both that way :D
(larissa Iordache (ROM) and Simone Biles (USA) hugging at the end of the AA competition at WC 2015 <3 p="">
Vault... I love...I absolutely LOVE the North Korean woman, Hong Un Jong. I don't care where she's from, she's a FANTASTIC vaulter. I hear she has been prepping not just an Amanar but a TRIPLE Yurchenko. A triple!!!!!!! Finding the video evidence now:
If that vid is real, you know what? GOOD FOR HER!! What an amazing vault!! Kick ass woman, kick ass! Woooo! :o Still shocked to see it. I counted three revolutions, just fucking amazing!! Only woman I've seen footage of doing it. I hope she can pull it off at the Olympics, because it DESERVES to be rewarded!!!

I love gymnastics.....

And Miss Hernandez! OMG! I LOVE YOU!! Your floor is so passionate, feminine, sassy and just awesome! Keep dancin girl, keep dancin :D
I'm sure there will be more to come, just give me an hour lol

August Is Here Already

Can you believe it is August already?? How is this year going by so fast?? Today was voting day for us, a lot of local positions to vote on. Everything from senate to county sheriff. Was interesting. Thankfully I looked everything up or I wouldn't have had any idea. It was weird though, you had to pick your party. I thought it would all be on one ballot but it wasn't. I accidentally laughed (ssssh lol) when I saw the senate choices. There is a guy who is calling himself Chief Wana Dubie that actually made it on the ballot. The guy is very pro Bernie and at this point he'd probably do a better job than our state senators are doing........ Oi.......

Also heard a snarky comment one whispered to another... hoping that the machine would shred all the Democrat ballots. *rolls eyes* I love living in Republiville... *screams* :P

Right now my shower is being replaced. Yay! It looks like it will look pretty cool too. There were some issues with the plumbing and they had to cut into the wall to move things over a bit, but now that is sorted and the shower is going up :D Waiting until tomorrow afternoon to use it, I want to make sure the caulking stuff is all dry.

Poor Bronte kitty has been hiding under the bed for about five hours now :( As soon as the guy is gone, she'll come out. I hope she doesn't have to potty!! I bet she makes a beeline for the cat box when she comes out.

So Rio is only three days away :D  Can't waaaaaaaaaaaaaaait. The girls compete in qualifying on August 7th. Need to look up the time on it. I might actually get to watch it live too. Soooooooooooo excited!


August 1, 2016

The Girls!!!!!

In Rio, in training gear. Nice leos!
They are SO ready for qualifications on August 7th. Can't wait! Kick some butt girls at the 2016 Olympics in Rio! Whoooo for gymnastics! :D

Took A Few Pics

Of healthy stuff at the store :D

I've been on a sugar free diet for two weeks now. Went from 131 to 126.8 pounds in two weeks. Also......... I went through sugar withdrawal, that I think is almost over now, thankfully. It's a bitch! Feeling really good without the sugar now. Going to work hard to keep it up :D

Borderline Shite....

I'm listening to this btw... it's from the soundtrack to the tv show Rescue Me from Denis Leary... Love it!:
Which brings me to this:
Anyways this was the song I'm listening to now:
Good song from Stereophonics...

It made me cranky today.
Also I think hormones are in the mix.
But I just wanted to be left alone.
I had a neighbor that bugged me a lot today.
Not her fault, she's in a bind but still...
She'd stay for six hours if I didn't say anything.
And I'm just in the mood to be alone.
So it was irritating.
She kept talking
For hours...
And playing loud and obnoxious stuff
When I just wanted to chill
With my music and Sims...

Borderline is funny that way
Just get mad for no reason
At least I control it better
So it's mostly in my head

I want to be a helpful neighbor
But need time alone too..

Anyhow another Michael song is on...
One that is SO true......... but not many listened to
So here it is......
Hear those words!!!!!!!!!!

Filmed this in Brazil too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just saying....
Love, to all <3 p="">-M

Yeah okay I'm drinking...

lol, but I tend to catch up here when I do right... ;)

Today I made an 839 song playlist of some of the music on my pc. Yes I have a shit ton of music, I hoard it, and it takes less room than hoarding in real life, so it's okay :D
Just the tiniest of samplings...
At the moment I'm headbanging and typing lol... to Bohemian Rhapsody...omfg friggin Freddie Mercury was the bomb!! Kids these days have NO idea!!! <3 p="">
Oh Michael is on... Smooth Criminal...fucking fantastic work... I love it... brb, must sing along... I love it :D

Now hearing Man In The Mirror... it's been seven years eh? Aw, I miss him.... Poor miss understood Michael. Jeez I miss him being around... *sigh* Gone way Too Soon <3 .="" p="">
Now I went from an Elton mood to a Michael mood lol. Now we are on to Jam....totally jamming out!

Whoooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!

Back to my epic playlist and Richie Valens is on with La Bamba. Good song, sad story of the musician though. I'm big into that show from AUS called Crash Investigation about flight crashes... I feel for the guys on that flight, in the middle of a snowstorm. You can still see where they crashed in Iowa...
It truly was the day the music died... but us music lovers keep it carrying on <3 p="">The next song that popped up was country. Now I don't listen to a lot of country, but I did from about 1992 to 1997. The song that just popped up was Clint Black singing A Good Run Of Bad Luck that came from the movie Maverick with Mel Gibson. Actually kind of a fun song from that era:
 I haven't seen the movie in ages, but it was pretty good :D

I guess you can see my music diversity. It's all over the place really. I don't care about things like race, creed, nationality, etc. If a song is good..a song is just fucking good. This is on now:
I love this song!!!!!!!!!! <3 born="" era="" i="" in="" just="" p="" ps:="" sayin="" the="" think="" was="" wrong="">
Now Eye Of The Tiger is on.............. and all I think of is all of the Olympians from all the different countries, in Rio, getting ready............... to fight, not others, but themselves... For perfection! Five days to go! The gym women compete qualifications on the 7th and I can't wait!!!
They are so ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kick ass girls!!!!!!!!! :D 
Pic: Gabby, Aly, Maddy, Lauren and Simone <3 p="">

Ugh, I just peeked at the radar... storms are trying to head our way... but not quite hitting us yet in Maryville...
We'll see how it goes.

So, the other day, I went to the dentist, and after years of having pain, I was able to have five cavities filled. Thanks to an organization in KC, I was able to have it all done at no cost to me, not even the exam and cleaning. I'm so thankful. You have no idea.... I went a lot of years with those cavities and the pain they caused. Lots of headaches and lots of Tylenol. So thankful to have it all taken care of. TY Catholic Charities of KC. You rock so have no idea! Religious or not, Catholic Charities is a great organization to donate to. The truly do help those in need. I've witnessed it personally.
So here's my pic, post five cavities filled, a little dazed... coming out of Harris Dental, that rocks by the way.... they cater to those who are scared ( so like me!!!). So thankful I got all the work done :D 
Dude, I had some of those cavities for over fifteen years........... omg to get them done pro bono, I don't know who to thank first. Just thankful that they were taken care of. The headaches are GONE. whoooohooo! Totally happy days <3 p="">
I had a cleaning done the other day, a seperate day than the fillings. Turns out I'm doing a pretty good job keeping things clean (yay OCD...). I love those flosser things you can cart around....
I love these things. I use them after I eat, anything. I always use them. Only takes a minute... can save your gums and teeth. (better than getting them pulled.... just saying).

Every single time I eat, I floss with the flossers like that. I keep them in my pocket, my purse, on my desk, my night stand, etc. SO worth it!!

Not much else to chat about, just music as I drink lol...
(and shout out to Joanna and Tracey... HI :D)

Have Mercy On The Criminal is on... here's the best, from the Aussie Tour, 1986. And I bet my bestie Tracey saw it live....lucky bitch lol...
 I looooooooooooooooooooove it :D

Anyways, going now to listen to tunes loudly and finish my booze...
Have a great night/day :)