November 29, 2016

Turkey Day Food

The Green Bean Casserole is in the oven :D

My neighbor and I are doing Turkey Day and the bird has about a half hour left, so I put the green bean casserole in.  It's basically just cream of mushroom soup, a couple cans of green beans, milk, black pepper and these crunch onion things you can get. Mix it all together and in the oven it goes. Easy as.

We are also having the turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn bread muffins, deviled eggs and stuffing made out of White Castle burgers (something new to try!). Needless to say, we are going to be stuffed lol. Looking forward to it :D I'll post a pic of my plate later.


New App, New Browswer

Trying out this app in my newly installed Chrome to see if I like it. I figure I could start journaling through it and later print books of my journals out, instead of just hand writing which I don't seem very inclined to do often these days. When I have stuff to put in a journal I'll take a photo of it instead. I can also copy and paste it to my online journal as well which all in all saves a lot of time. The app is called Journey and it's through Google Chrome. It adds date, time, location and weather to your entry and you can put vids and photos in too. And I'll later save it as a pdf file for printing and binding. It also has a calendar view so you can see what days you posted :D Not bad!

November 28, 2016

I Hope She's Okay! -M

Cirque du Soleil acrobat and three-time Australian Olympian rushed to hospital after falling on her head during circus performance in Brisbane


Lisa Skinner, 35, a three-time Olympian fell four to five metres from rings during a Sunday afternoon show.
Paramedics rushed to the Commonwealth Games gold medalist's side as it appeared she was conscious and displaying no obvious signs of injuries.
She was performing at the big top at Skygate, near Brisbane Airport, about 2pm AEST on Sunday and remains in a stable condition at Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital.

The Brisbane woman was performing with the Kooza show when the accident happened.
But she is expected to leave hospital in coming days, Cirque du Soleil said.
'We are happy to report that Lisa is currently stable and in good condition,' they said in a statement on Monday afternoon.
'At this time, our priority is on supporting Lisa and her family so they can focus on her recovery. The thoughts and love from the cast and crew of Kooza are with her.'
 A witness said the fall was absolutely terrifying.
'We were not allowed to move out of our seats with two small children,' she told The Courier-Mail.

The orange traffic cone won't shut up



Bit of cooking going on today :D

I have a really spicy turkey and veggie chili cooking in the slow cooker right now, yummmmm.....

I'm also chopping up chunks of the squash and pumpkins I found, dipping them in olive oil and baking them until tender. Double yum!

After tomorrow (when my friends and I do our official Turkey Day), I'm strictly back on Paleo again. My damned weight has gone up a bit (135) and I'm going to stop it in it's tracks.

It's my own fault, I got really lazy this last month and stopped working out and eating healthy small meals. It amazes me how quickly I can gain weight, but I tend to drop it off just as quick so. Shouldn't take more than a month or two to be back where I was.

Goals!! ;)



I think I'll just stick with this one...

I've been going back and forth for a while about which blog to use. I think I've finally decided to stay here. I like the fact I don't have many followers here. On Wordpress I have like 150 followers now and if it's possible to get social anxiety online, well I have it. Weird hey?
Here I just ramble off whatever. Over there, I've found I have been avoiding posting. So here it is :)

November 23, 2016

Quick Trip Up North

It’s always hard to fly with Social Anxiety Disorder, GAD and repetitive OCD thoughts but I always manage to pull it off.

Granted it takes me like a week of hiding indoors for me to wind by down after, but it’s worth it. I went up to Wisconsin to visit my family. I hadn’t been up there in three years so it was nice to see everyone again.

I enjoy seeing my family but I also love flying. I’m scared of so many things yet flying is awesome. I love airliners and all the little things that go with flying, from going through security, walking onto the aircraft and picking a seat, take off, the views from the sky, coming in to land where you start to see the cars and houses, to the landing and baggage retrieval. For some reason I just love it. I’m a little bit of an airplane junkie.

This time I flew on a 777 that was only put into service a few months before my flight. It was all still so new and shiny on the inside. The tips of the wings were a bit different so I want to look up why (need to try and remember that…) and it looked almost artistic. I had great flights. I flew out on Halloween so the staff were dressed up. I wore a spider headband, earrings, necklace, etc and they gave me extra snacks :D

My brother gets married next year (yay!) so I will get to fly again in May. I’m already looking forward to the flights :D