My name is Misty and my blog. The theme here varies greatly day to day. Anything from my mental health struggles, to healthy food and exercise ideas, my favorite singer...Elton, my favorite show...Bondi Rescue, my photography, journaling, Australia, the weather, news, Bronte my wonderful ginger nut of a cat, things I've learned today, therapy or who knows, anything really....

           (Circa 2009: Elton and I eating wonderful Tim Tams in Bradbury, Australia)

It's a pretty boring blog, but I've had it a long time! I did add some posts from old blogs and from my hand written journals, so this one goes back to 2002. Once I get the rest of my journals back from my mother's place (whom I haven't seen in person since 2003 or 2004, so I have no idea what I wrote in them) I may add old posts.

I do talk alot on and off about the struggles of mental illness. It's something I've dealt with since I was a young child really. It's always been a part of my life. I'm now 35 and struggling with the same things I've always had to fight through. I try to stay positive about it all but sometimes it really gets hard. Blogging and Photography are my saviors in a way. They help keep me going. People say that creative people tend to be the more troubled...there may just be some truth to that.

Hope my blog doesn't put ya to sleep! ;)


Elton and Laura fan said...

Who are you?

The Girl said...

^^^ Smart ASS! lol :P

Tess Messer said...

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Misty, I know this is a really busy time of year but I am hoping that you might have the time to give my book a look. I can email the eBook to you in whatever format works best for you or the book can be downloaded at:, and I can send you a free coupon code.

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Tess Messer, MPH, PA-C

Simon Peacock said...

Hello! Wondering if you have a twitter account - I'd be interested in following it to read your ADHD posts - I'm @mungobah and have Adult ADHD -